Thursday, April 3, 2008

A letter from the fortress at Banja Luka , Bosnia

To the Vizier, Istanbul
Greetings of the Prophet be upon you and yours for ever!
Multifarious thanks for your recent letter and enclosed thoughts regarding the situation in Europa. I am gathering unto myself our men in the area, the Spahis arrived yesterday and 6 Orta of Janissaries arrived footsore and hungry shortly after noon today. Our Bosnian infantry are gathering in villages up and down the land. I will gather unto myself around 21000 souls within days . We await merely your word and that of the Sultan!
Ali Pasha
Vizier of Bosnia


Frankfurter said...

Do I foresee a grand Eastern game coming circa 2009?

abdul666 said...

Some in the Western World have hope only in a neo-Byzantine intervention (as the equivalent of the Polish one during the last siege of Vienna), given the level of division of Christian Europe... A worrying state of things...