Thursday, April 3, 2008

Its just a thought... Maps

In the words of Dido -" Its just a thought ,only a thought..." whilst preferring a realistic/accurate /traditional map I am now coming round to seeing the great merits of the bubble map.
Personally speaking, I see no fun in "fighting" with other imaginations who occupy the same geographical area as my country ( the winner gets the area I suppose?) - it makes no sense to me at all! Fighting with other nations occupying adjacent or other areas does make sense to me - and much fun has been had by many on EvE so far in this kind of campaign.
Therefore I propose we go with the beautifully crafted bubble map option with room for all ! Gentlemen I await your comments with interest and enthusiasm.
for the Duke of Tradgardland


A J Matthews said...

It gets my vote. It'll allow members to form their own geography within their bubble if they so wish. The only drawback I can see is agreeing on the nature of the terrain between two contesting nations. Maybe a default to an existing area based on historical maps can be set?

ColCampbell50 said...


A bubble map makes good sense.


Martin said...

True. I hadn't thought of that, and it would allow new members (and their countries) to "bubble up" without having to fight for survival right off the bat with their more establshed neighbors


Frankfurter said...

I'm not being the odd man out here, but I do wish we'd go with both types.
After all, there is no reason in impose the one guy only rule in a given area, as the incredible chopping of German space from Medieval times caused quite a few countries to be basically superimposed upon each other in historical Germany ... to a degree which I doubt our map could possibly distinguish at the scale we'd have to use.
Secondarily, it'd give folks a greater chance to figure out plausible venues for their advances and retreats ... even if both of their opponents was supposedly from the same town!
Consider the ever popular Kingdom of Saxony ... and the plethora of lesser states intermingled within it.
Or the incredible mishmas of Hesse ...
I've felt little or no need to worry about the fellow who also claims Frankfrut Am Main ... even though he seems not to have maintained his story line ...
It's a different story.

ColCampbell50 said...


How might one send to you the location of my imagi-nations for inclusion in the bubble-map?

I've added a bubble for Kreis Mitte Land, which includes all my little statelets, onto the bubble map in the Who's Who and What's What section. I can send it as an e-mail attachment if you'll contact me at:
jmcp1650 at comcast dot net.


tradgardmastare said...

I have little or no drawing ability and hoped that the producer of the bubble map we used in the past will help us all again.
I am sorry if I confused you and others in this matter - I was only continuing the disscussion and hoping we would come to an agreed solution and prevail upon the kindness of the talented!

ColCampbell50 said...


Ah, I understand. I'll just hold my copy then.



Snickering Corpses said...

I'll echo support for the bubble map, though I understand the desires of those looking for a physical map.

I think the biggest difficulty for the physical maps is not the little states, but those of us with fairly large states. Hesse-Engelburg, for instance, was I think last placed in an area which included chunks of Hannover and neighboring provinces. It's fairly sizable in land area. But I'm not particularly eager to suddenly be declared to be in combat with England just because the only spot to fit me on a physical map includes their territory. ;)

Besides, pity the poor peasant who has to pay taxes to ten different countries just for living in the wrong corner of land. ;)

Capt Bill said...

Tax the peasant! They either pay or serve and the army is always in want of cannon fodder. The bubble map is a handy tool, but a historical map is a thing of beauty...Bill

Frankfurter said...
if the link works, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, this is a map of the major parts of just Southern Hesse etc. And I lost count, somewhere around 30 bits and pieces of states superimposed on each other in real life!

MurdocK said...

I personally think that there is room for BOTH the maps.

For those whom wish to just storytell, then then bubble is perhaps better.

For the more tabletop or battle oriented or detail minded a physical map is really neccessary. The last few proxy battles have really told the tale about these needs.

I forget whom did the bubble map, though sending your details to the who's who site would probably get you onto that map.

The assumption as always been that 'fights' would be the result of territory overlap. Why not marriages? Why not trade agreements? Why not 'go Dutch'?

abdul666 said...

Bubble superimposed to a physical map - the nature of terrain where 2 bubbles 'intersect' (in the maths sense) being that of their 'disputed border'?

I think the original map was the work of Poruchik of Vulgaria, again among us.