Thursday, April 3, 2008

Electorate of Hannunter

2 April 1748

The Court of the Elector of Hannunter is pleased to announce that the former stringent laws governing access to the realm are hereby relaxed. Access is now free to all, and may be gained through:

Visitors, will we trust, be patient with us, as years of secrecy are not easily overcome in the search for a more open era.

Konrad Wulfwissel von und zu Harzland
Chancellor and Bursar to the Elector


abdul666 said...

The Presipality of Monte-Cristo warmly welcomes the Electorate of Hannunter to the (sometimes discordant - that's the normal effect of wars) choir of Enlightened European Powers.

P.S. "Presipality" is the accepted English rendition of "Présipauté", but it has been recently submitted to our attention that "Presipacy" would have been a better translation...

Byrhthelm said...

Or even 'Presipapacy'? (lol)