Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Army of Tradgardland 30th May 1758:

On Shetland :
700 men from 5th infantry and marine battalions.

In Ny Tradgardland:
400 men of the local Militia and 100 local tribemen

In the Duchy of Tradgardland;

1000 men of the 1st and 2nd Infantry battalions

1000 men of the 3rd and 4th Infantry battalions

2 squadrons of heavy cavalry and 2 squadrons of dragoons

1 squadron of hussars

Legione Tradgard - mtd jaeger,foot jaeger and fusiliers

Corps of Artillerie and pyrotechnia - assorted guns


Der Alte Fritz said...

Hmm, things look ripe for an invasion of the Duchy based on the available forces to defend it.

MurdocK said...

Yes, well these troops look about right for an 'oversized' city-state.

No wonder you are eager to have a good working relationship with at least one major continental power...

It would seem that 'fritzland' is casting its hungry eyes your way (not to worry he does that all the time).

tradgardmastare said...

We are indeed keen to have friends in Europa - be they large or small in size. We are also concerned about roumours emenating from Skogsmork ......

abdul666 said...

Looking forward to see all these units -maybe as drawingsof the uniforms ordered in Tipplebruder while the men are receiving their proper dress?

Thanks in advance,

Der Alte Fritz said...

Der Alte Fritz is not saying that he will invade Tragdarland,he is just saying... (and noticing the miniscule forces available in relation to the amount of trouble that the Duchy is stirring up in Europa.Fritz is too tied up with troubles along his own border to take advantage of the situation. Also, his Father always told him, "Prussians do not like water or nations that are bordered by water". Thus, we think that thee are safe, at least from our direction.

Now those perfidious Britannians, on the other hand, have good reason to feel rather riled up about all of the mischief that the Duchy has created. And they have lots and lots of ships. Just ask the Gallians.

MurdocK said...

LOL great stuff gents!