Sunday, April 20, 2008

Battle in The English Channel

HMS Invincible levels the Gallian flagship l'Occidentale with a broadside at close quarters.

London - His Majesty's Admiralty reports today of a decisive victory by our Channel Fleet over the Gallian counterpart off of Le Havre. Admiral Jervis' fleet of 6 ships of the line and 8 frigates reportedly sank four Gallian 1st rates ship (l'Occidentale, le Tigre, Camembert and l'Argent) and captured 3 frigates during the day's battle.

Admiral Jervis lured the Gallian fleet out of their blockade in Le Havre by apparently lifting the blockade, only to return as soon as the Gallian fleet ventured out of the harbor. The Gallians were expecting a traditional naval battle, forming up a single line of battle with 18 ships. Jervis, however, had other ideas, as he formed his ships into two columns: all of the 1st rate ships in one column and all of the frigates in the other. The frigates sailed toward the Gallian fleet and formed a line of battle, while at the same time, Admiral Jervis led the second column straight through the Gallian battle line, aboard his flagship Invincible. The other ships of the line in Jervis' column (Zealous, Zeus, Royal Sovereign, Cantankerous, and Bellicose) followed and split the Gallian line in half.

This put half of the Gallian fleet out of the fight temporarily as they would have to wheel about and return to the fight. Instead, they broke for Le Havre, leaving the remainder of the Gallian fleet sandwiched between of cross fire of the Britannian fleet. A number of transport ships were seen turning about and returning to Le Havre as well. The Admiralty speculates that the transports were carrying Gallian regulars for a potential landing in Caledonia, in support of the Pretender's rebellion near Edinburgh.


captbill said...

Very Trafalgarish, well done!
Best regards,

Der Alte Fritz said...

Now you know where Nelson got the idea.

MurdocK said...

Rule Britannia!

Byrhthelm said...

"I do not say they will not come; I only say that they cannot come by sea."

Nice report. Thanks.

tradgardmastare said...

Gosh! I wonder what will happen to our gallent Gallians in their mission to bring the true King to rule Brittania?
I await developments with interest - Gallia may be one nhil down but there is the rest of the game yet to play!

cahide said...

hello my frend! lM from turkey.

A J Matthews said...

A stirring action indeed! "Splice the mainbrace!"

abdul666 said...

Was the battle actually 'played', or is it pure Britannian - Hesse-Seewalder duplicity?

(And don't try to justify it by a lack of French minis for the planned tabletop encounter!)


Der Alte Fritz said...

It was all done with dice, my friend, and we know that solid, steady English gunnery (and die rolling)is the best in the world. The lads are oak, I tell you, pure oak.

Frankfurter said...

Pure Oak ... except where you drilled those wooden dice and hid a little lead behind the spot paint, right?

Hey, my Dad was Navy, and I soon learned to never play cards or dice with him!


Der Alte Fritz said...

All's fair in love and war.