Sunday, April 13, 2008

In gaol 2

They came around midnight. Von Bergmann had just blown out his candle having just completed writing the next chapter of his Natural History of the Duchy of Tradgardland. This chapter had been devoted to the Tradgarlandian boar and it had proved difficult to write in the dank cell within the goal .

Noise penetrated the cell door- shouting , gunfire and the sound of steel upon steel. Bergmann calmly packed his valise, carefully wrapping the manuscript of his work in oilskin. He donned his cloak and stood up and listened. They had come - his not too awful goal experience would soon be over. The screams and shouting came to an end . Keys rattled in the lock and two burly highlanders stood grinning in at him. Von Bergmann spoke- Good evening gentlemen! Thank you for coming . How may I be of Service?

The highlanders addressed Von Bergmann quickly , yet respectfully , in Gaelic and informed him that that his services were urgently required by the True King and that exciting times were ahead. One of them produced a large bag and offered it to Von Bergmann. Within it he found his Tradgardland uniform which he donned with speed . With the briefest of glances backwards into the cell Von Bergmann strode forth - free at last !


Bluebear Jeff said...

Something tells me that this will not be the last we hear of Von Bergman.

Gallia said...

Narrator: "Within Saint Margatret's Chapel we find the Gallian l'Chevalier du Nord thinking to himself and in conversation with no one that may be seen except with spiritual eyes.
du Nord: "Lord. I find myself within these ancient Norman walls in your service and that of my King - as you know. The doors of fate you have opened, closed and opened for me show a path leading onward to a destiny I know not. Here am I within Edinburgh Castle awaiting news of the future. Somehow to be with you in this ancient Norman Chapel is appropriate for me this evening as I wait for news."

Narrator: [He pauses in his prayer resuming after some moments.]

du Nord: "It is complex, yet simple. We've supported the Pretender as the Britannians call him. Forces are assembling here from my homeland and from this good land for a Stuart Restoration. Surely the Britannians are making a countermeasure to stop us. But what of Divine Right?

Narrator: [du Nord recalls that even Pontious Pilot would not have ruled over Judea without the approbation of God.]

du Nord: "The Stuarts were thrust out. Was it lawful? Is the reign of George II more lawful? I can not say. Who am I to say? Yet here we are attempting what? A restoration or a military diversion? Both?"

Narrator: The door opens allowing snowflakes brought by the wind into the interior. They fly about reaching du Nord sitting quietly on his pew. Renard, du Nord's ADC enters and....

Renard: [Whispering.] "Excuse me Monsieur."

du Nord: "Oui. Renard?"

Renard: "I am sorry to disturb you Monsieur but there is news. The news you are waiting for."

du Nord: "And?"

Renard: "A courier arrived from the south this hour. The Tradgardlander von Bergmann is rescued and will be here in the morning! I am told he is in good health."

du Nord: "Thank you Renard. I am glad of this more than you know. Thank you. And now ... I wish to resume my vigel and personal matters."

Renard: "Oui Monsieur. Of course. I will see you in the morning."

Narrator: Du Nord nods with a smile and returns to face the Altar giving thanks for the rescue.

tradgardmastare said...

St Margaret's chapel is well known to me and one of my favourite places of worship! How grand you have brought this into EvE!
My nephews and neiceies were baptised there although sadly I could not attend.

Gallia said...

Hello Alan,
What a nice coincidence. I am finding it fun to weave actual locations into our storyline. Every location in the Shetland storyline was/is real too. Indeed St. Margaret's Chapel has a nice photo or two of it on the net. I am sure I was there in person long ago and think I should return. I may in 2008 or 2009.
Kind Regards,

Gallia said...

Narrator: On the morning of March 11, 1758 the Tradgardland Diplomat von Bergmann arrived within Edinburgh Castle after his rescue and ride north. He was given time to refresh and obtain restorative sleep. But that evening within the Queen Ann Building....
Charles Edward Stuart (The Prince): "Welcome Herr von Bergmann of Tradgardland. Please sit beside me, here near this fine roaring fire. May I offer you some wine?"

von Bergmann: "Thank you Your Grace. I am pleased to accept your kind hospitality."

Chevalier du Nord: "And Gallia welcomes you as well my comrade. We thought the worst had befallen you but ... here you are."

Narrator: After several courses of food and drink, the three spoke of matters that had brought them hither.

von Bergmann: "Your Grace, while I was south of the Roman Wall of Hadrian I discovered the people there are indifferent to the government in London. They appeared cautiously reticent to speak openly, I regret to say, of direct support for the Restoration. Finally, the Britannian Army according to the locals was nowhere to be seen having retreated to the south -- east of the Penines. Only a local magistrate saw fit to inter me in a gaol on suspicion of my nationality."

The Prince: "Regretable, deplorable yet not without value for the information you bring. Monsieur l'Chevalier du Nord, methinks this bodes well for your Admiral offshore. Yes?"

du Nord: "Yes. I am pursuaded Your Grace to recommend to Gallian Admiral Suthren that your battalion aboard his en-flute ships be brought ashore to further swell your numbers. However, he will not enter The Firth of Forth preferring to land the men at Tantallon Castle in East Lothian instead. From there it is an easy march into Edinburgh from the east, I am told."

The Prince: "Aye. Your Admiral does not want to be bottled up deep in the estuary, should a Britannian fleet arrive. Indeed, I should think Admiral Suthren would prefer to be on his way as well."

du Nord: "I expect so. Yes, I expect so."

The Prince: "Well then, I would be obliged Monsieur l'Chevalier if you would sail from the city dock and beg the Admiral to land my men in the manner you explain so that I may be about my plans."

du Nord: "I will be away on the first tide. I am honoured to do so."

Narrator: Thus, The Rising continues. Only fate will know the destiny of these decisions. We must be patient as they come more clearly into view.