Sunday, November 11, 2007

Upon Shetland...

With the wind in his hair Von Bergman looks out to sea. The seabirds circle him and he makes a mental note to bring paper and paint the next time he comes walking here.

As ever Von Bergman is aware of the responsibility which rests upon him. He is to make contact with A G Moltke the Danish Minister of State and press the Duke's concerns upon him. This will happen soon he hopes if a Norwegian vessel can cross the sea to the Tradgardland camp here on Yell.

Von Bergman recalls how his encyclopedic knowledge of Shetland's ancient tongue - Norn has proved vital in these past days in establishing good relations with the local people. A sudden sense of hunger comes upon him and he realises it is time to return to camp to partake of Vespers ,that Tradgardland meal betwixt breakfast and a Midday meal.

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