Monday, November 12, 2007

Tipple Bruder .... last call

If I can get the 72 Austrian figures roughly finished tomorrow, the Stagonian army will have more white coats! Otherwise, there will be some formations with obviously mud stained clothes (sigh).

Whatever, last call for any notifications or Order of Battle or secret instructions is now in progress. If I haven't seen it by 9 P.M. Central Standard (USA) time on Wednesday, I will not be able to factor it into the game. I will post an improvised orbat in the comments here Thursday, if I get time! At the moment, it does seem that I will be able to use the 24 men = 1 figure scale, but this will require a bit of fudging ... especially for the Stagonian professionals, sorry about that ...

Bad news for Stagonia, I'm afraid that my wife will be rolling for Tipple Bruder as the planned opponent general will be involved in family affairs (his grandfather severely and probably fatally ill ... prayers appreciated for Ed ?Finly? and family).

By the way, I hope that the Intendant Bastille doesn't get too excited when all the Frankszonian units begin to file through town and assemble across the river ....



Stagonian Jeff said...

Stagonia wears white because our hearts are pure.

-- traditional saying

Snickering Corpses said...

Our regards and prayers to your friend Ed as he goes through a difficult time.

One last thing that occurs to me, for the Hesse-Engelburg forces. Since the forces involved are only detachments of their parent units, there would be no regimental standards. However, a small pink penant with a blue wolf upon it may be carried as a rallying point for the Garde du Corps troops. The Jagers will rally to the sound of the horn.

Frankfurter said...

Alas, I probably won't be able to do all the flags bit ... I was hoping to run a batch off on the computer, but time presses (along with the wife, without whom the lovely table at her mother's could not be used for the game! LOL ... nor would there be nice pictures to show!)
Anyway, yep, Stagonian hearts are pure ... pure pigeon *#$%!
Looks like I'll have at least five, maybe six battalions ready in white at the 24 fig scale ...

Alas, while compiling the orbat, I hit some obscure key and deleted the folder instead of the file! I managed to get most of the files back, but lost one ... not sure what info I'll be missing ... but am proceeding anyway.

Back to the painting table!