Friday, November 16, 2007

On Shetland..

L'Chevalier du Nord is in a pensive mood. Earlier today he has watched as Von Bergmann and a small number of Tradgarland officers set sail for Norroway. Now he is left with the Tradgardland troops upon Shetland. He faces a long winter of uncertainty here in the North. He cannot wait for the next Gallian vessel to come - a chance to send and receive dispatches, perhaps some half decent wine and a reasonable cheese.

Du Nord decides to take a stroll from the camp towards the village that lies a few leagues hence. The Shetlanders have so far prove friendly and he does not fear for his safety. After some time has passed du Nord finds himself outside a rough dwelling . He hesitates ,watches and is surprised to hear a voice speaking in perfect French behind him. He turns and sees a figure looking little different from the other Shetlanders. The figure speaks;

I had hoped our paths would have crossed sooner Sir. Never mind , pray enter and join me directly....

1 comment:

Gallia said...

Pardon Monsieur? Est-ce que vous connaissez moi?

Pardon Sir? Do you know me?
Comment vous appelez-vous?

What is your name?

My apologies if the above is somewhat incorrect!