Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Uniform Mix in Tippelbruder

(note -- battle participants are urged to leave comments as well as directions to their own blogs)

The pending Battle of Tippelbruder should be a colorful one. While the good guys (Stagonia, of course) are dressed in white (like the good guys are supposed to be), those defending the timorous tailor will sport a variety of colorful coats.

Pink, blue, red and green are amongst the hues to be worn by the various forces currently assembling around the doomed town. To wit . . .

  • Hesse-Engelburg's infantry uniform coats are pink (yes, putrid pink).
  • Saxe-Bearstein's infantry coats are red
  • Fenwick's coats are also red
  • Mieczyslaw's infantry are dressed in blue
  • the Count's Freikorps are also dressed in blue
  • various jagers wear green coats
  • and the Saxe-Urquhart's coat color is unknown -- but they wear skirts

And remember, Stagonia (the good guys) wear white.

-- Stagonian Jeff


tidders said...

Overview of Duchy of Fenwick army:

Uniforms, Infantry battalions illustrated at:

for Infantry assume IR2 is at Tippelbruder. Artillery in action:

-- Allan

abdul666 said...

How all of us would appreciate and enjoy to *see* all these uniforms! And all the Stagonian ones also, of course...

I hope each contingent has an artist-reporter attached to it...


A J Matthews said...

A Battle of the Rainbow! That's quite an impressive array of forces. I look forward to reading about the action.

And it's not a skirt - it's a kilt. Kilt is what happened to the last guy who called it a skirt... ;)

A J (Occasional kilt-wearer in the 78th Frazer Highlanders, Grenadier Company).

Stagonian Jeff said...


Of course it is a kilt. Only someone like "Koenig Maurice" is vile enough to call it a skirt.

While I don't personally have a kilt, I do own bagpipes and, while not very good with them myself, I do very much appreciate them.

I do have a friend who MAKES BAGPIPES. He's been particularly interested in making a number of "old" pipes. Here's a link to some of his work:

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Also showing up for Hesse-Engelburg, besides the pink coats of the infantry and the pink jackets of the hussars are:

1) the purple pelisses of the same hussars
2) the lone gray coat with azure facings of Captain Wilhelm Streicker
3) the lone grenadier uniform of Corporal Sontag, black coat and waistcoat, red trousers and red facings. He should be found wherever the Tipplebruder Militia are operating.

David said...

For quite a lot of the time I imagine that Corporal Sontag and the Militia will be in the ale houses of Tippelbruder refreshing themselves - in between tough sessions of drill, of course. ;-)


Fitz-Badger said...

I'll have to experiment with the templates before I can tell you the coat color of the Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders (and what plaid they'll have on their kilts).

Hmm, now, should I paint their faces blue? Or maybe their coats could be plaid? (just kidding) ;-)

David said...

I'm looking forward to seeing a coloured-in Highlander - I think! ;-)

Good luck - and may all colouring your choices be wise ones. :-)