Thursday, November 15, 2007

Table Talk

Ensconced in a tent ,out of the howling wind, Von Bergmann sits with the French Liason Officer and a representative from the joint Kingdom of Danmark Norroway. The representative ,after pleasantries and wine, remarks how well the arrangement with Gallia is going - a financial subsidy in exchange for a Dansk/Norroway army alert upon the Dansk border.The Gallian smiles quietly and listens . Von Bergmann talks of his esteem for both nations represented here and toasts their future cooperation. He asks if he may have passage to Norroway to continue discussions face to face with authorities there. With much toasting and pickled Herring it is agreed . The two men turn to the Gallian and wait for him to speak.....


Gallia said...

The Gallian guest is l'Chevalier du Nord. He has been carefully listening to the conversation. As the others wait for his remarks he places his wine glass back onto the table, breathes half deeply, touches a linen napkin to his mouth, sits back a little with hands clasped about his midsection and says...

du Nord: Messieurs, you compliment me prodigiously by your desire to hear my commentaire. Monsieur von Bergmann, I am gratified to say I believe the grave matter at hand is viewed as a profitable benefit to all our nations.

Shortly before our departure from Tradgardland to this foggy but beautiful isle, the Gallian dispatch vessel Alerte delivered new instructions to me regarding this enterprise now in play. This was ofcourse before my government learned of the unfortunate loss of the our frigate Rhapsodie by the vile hands of an unknown person or persons in your main harbor. Perhaps that might affect things as time goes by but I am confident of your assurances that an enemy agent must have been responsible rather than a Tradgardlanderman. I said as much in my report back to the Gallian Foreign Minister l'Prince de Charade.

von Bergmann: Yes my dear Knight, I remember the ship was in harbor on one tide and out on the next but never knew its mission till now.

du Nord: Oui and so let me tersly recount the points in my dispatch, ah, one by one.

1. Gallia et Tradgardland are firm allies in the war.

2. My particular orders are to observe the invasion of the Shetlands in all its aspects and report back to my government at regular intervals.

von Bergmann: Excuse me, but how my dear Knight?

du Nord: It is my understanding Gallian vessels will periodically make landfall here to receive my dispatches. I would not be surprised if Alerte or some other vessel did not reappear next month, weather permitting.

#3 I am to also convey information from my government to you according to circumtances and needs. I am led to believe a squadron may call in the Spring or anothter may cruise betwixt here and Britannia to deter enemy countermeasures ashore here.

#4 The invasion is going to cause confusion and dispersal of forces to the Britannian government. This means fewer Britannian resources available for the New World and within Europa itself. For this reason my government supports your occupation.

von Bergmann: Thank you. Much of this I knew but the point of your commentaire validates my previous knowledge for which I am grateful as is His Highness the Duke.

du Nord: Messieurs, let me raise a glass in toast to The Duke. May he live long and enjoy bountiful fruit from this enterprise.


Narrator: And so dear reader, I wonder what more we may learn?

Frankfurter said...

ah yes, a "vile" enemy agent ...