Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mieczyslaw rides to the defence of Tipplebruder

In a hushed wooded area a small barn has a great host taking shelter around it.

The forces of The Duchy of Mieczyslaw are resting after another day of march, through progressively wetter and wetter days, thier lines have become somewhat slower in progress, though now that well maintained roads, some metalled, have been reached the speed by day has increased. The hours of light each day grow shorter, thus keeping the speed of march each day near the same.

Some delays were had in bypassing Burtzenia, now that they were revealed as a foe, and without diverting too far north, lest the Norden armies take action again it took some time and patience on the part of the column commander Hit Man Kasper Ksawerić of the veteran Wstrasowo Dragon to negotiate (even with letters of introduction) his way westwards. The column also contained an elite force, Wojskowo Piechota, though only recently fetted the pair of commands had served together before and a good comradeship existed between the countrymen; though at times recently the footsore Piechota had begun to lag behind more than the Hit Man liked.

A bare meal had finished that night and while enjoying some music about the bivouac fires there was a sudden hush over of the outlieing piquets had brought in a strange pair of riders.

They were both heavily cloaked in plain riding clothes, a simple fact of life in the cold rainy weather, but there was something about their bearing and purposeful stride into the barn that said something more was about to happen.

The men of Wojskowo Piechota tried to ignore the obvious agitiation of the Dragons once their Wojskowo Piechota colonel was called into the meeting. Runners were sent to the Dragon formations, prepare the horse for rapid ride on the first light was to be the order of the day; nothing much in surprise save for one item, NO BAGGAGE. All troopers were to bed down immediately and farriers were to have travel kits ready to maintain the horses, there were to be no carts. These orders shifted the focus of the horsemen.

A while later the Wojskowo Piechota got thier own new orders, the column was to take on the supervision of all baggage for themselves and the Dragon, also half of all rations were to be gathered and distributed to the horsemen before dawn, there was to be a rush on ahead for the Dragon, for it appears that Stagonia had begun their advance...some place called Offenbach had been attacked by Stagonia and now the allied forces needed screening or battle cavalry urgently.

Just before dawn the strange becloaked riders at the head of the four Squadrons of the veteran Wstrasowo Dragon, commanded by Hit Man Kasper Ksawerić, broke camp and rode into the morning mists leaving their foot soldiery behind.


Fitz-Badger said...


(why do those pictured remind me of a certain pair of "highwaypersons"?)

MurdocK said...


'cuz they're supposed to!

David said...

You'll have the whole of Tippelbruder cheering you on when you come walloping into the flanks and rear of the embattled Stagonians as they struggle against the Alliance Forces already in place at Tippelbruder... I shall go to bed now with that happy image floating before my eyes!

May the weather gods smile on your journey.

David of Tippelbruder.

MurdocK said...

For those seeking to see what the painted Mieczyslaw forces look like, check out The Parade in Review