Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Drums Beating in Ober-Schweinsberg

It is often thought that the chillier temperatures fall, the less men's blood will run hot for war. But this is not always the case. Rumors are spreading along the trade routes from traveler to traveler, rumors that the chilled war in Ober-Schweinsberg is about to heat up again. And why not, observe the grumpier amongst the lot. All the rest of Europe is filled with uphevals, great wars, and petty strifes, so why not Ober-Schweinsberg?

The Armies of Prince Asgar and Prince Arnold have abruptly left their winter quarters and are reported to be marching towards the town of Vergoldeten on Ober-Schweinsberg's northern trade routes. Up till now, the town has remained somewhat of a neutral territory, but that all appears ready to change, if the two armies do not divert from their present course.

In the town, rumors fly of a bar-room brawl involving off-duty Irish mercenaries and representatives variously claimed to be from the Bad Nachtschwein League, either of the two Princes, Stagonia, or even the Koronet Korpus or Hesse-Engelburg. Maybe all of the above. As near as can be pieced together from the varrying rumors, the brawl appears to have begun when one person accused another person of having stolen a set of solid silver pig statues from the first someone's luggage. Accusations and blows appear to have flown from there, and the fight is reported to have left at least three people dead, though no one can agree on the identity of the casualties.

Some speculate that the importance of the city for trade and its nearness to the Hesse-Engelburg border may even draw Engleburg forces into the conflict, and local residents have reported various bodies of mercenaries moving along the roads towards the town, perhaps in someone's employ or perhaps simply speculating upon the likelihood that they can pick up employment on arrival. It remains to be seen how many forces will find themselves embroiled and how events will play themselves out, but a number of residents and merchants are reportedly leaving for outlying villages until the matter is settled.


Bluebear Jeff said...

If silver pigs are missing, they were probably stolen by some vile Stagonian -- after all, they're nothing but pigs themselves.

It has been suggested that the only good Stagonian is delivered to Dilbert for sausages.

-- unknown Saxe-Bearsteinian

Snickering Corpses said...

Entirely possible, given that rumors do claim a Stagonian representative was present at the time. However, Ober-Schweinsberg is rather known for pigs, so it is equally possible that it was a local matter. Even then, one cannot discount the possibility of a Stagonian agitator whenever a quiet front goes hot suddenly.

Frankfurter said...

Ah, but pigs are an extremely valuable commodity, productive and intelligent. We in Frankszonia honor pigs as one of the greatest gifts to humans by creation!
Speaking of which, anybody want some good, zesty sausages?