Sunday, November 11, 2007

Uniforms from Tippelbruder reach Monte-Cristo

When it was decided to triple the strength of the company of professional Carabiniers attached to the Palace, the necessary uniforms were ordered to David Linienblatt, the Master Military Tailor. Then the Stagonian threat was a source of anxiety about their delivery, but they were safely received to-day.
The wagons had left the town long before the Stagonian forces came too close (actually they had departed in haste following the agitation aroused there by one 7-feet tall eye-patched white-clad hussar). Thanks to a constantly updated and perfectly accurate intelligence of the various troops locations and movements, with some judicious detours they avoided any unpleasant encounter.


abdul666 said...

A (clumsy?) way to stay ‘in character’ while announcing that a first crude sketck -awkwardly copied fom an excellent Tippelbruderer pattern- of the Monte-Cristan Carabiniers uniform, has just been posted on the official board of the Presipality.

While the last broadsheet placarded there is dated from two months ago, most of older documents have been largely reedited, partly to take into account additional data, partly to (hopefully) improve their layout and lisibility.

Of the 80+ entries in the public library attached to the board, about half are connected to Countries of ‘our’ Europe, the remainder dealing with general topics of uniforms, warfare and ‘the game of armchair Rulers’ in the XVIIIth Century.

Comments, criticisms and counsels from other Rulers (and their respective Royal, Grand Ducal or Otherwise Societies and Colleges of Heraldry) welcome.

David said...

I'm sorry, Jean-Louis, but that just won't do. We need a much bigger picture of the uniform; how can one so small possibly do it justice? ;-)


P.S. So long as it is just a "first crude sketch" and more is to follow very soon, we'll hold off on the really severe criticism... :-)