Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prelude to Tipple Bruder

On a day with no rain for a change, messengers come pounding into Count Trunkenbold headquarters.

Great news!
The Wstrasowo Dragoons have arrived! After a grueling forced march, their forces intact thanks to the heroic efforts of the farriers, the tired, mud-spattered column pours into the cantonments at Tipple-Bruder. Their colonel believes that their infantry contingent could be only two days march behind him.

Then, the Count learns important intelligence. The Dragoons were able to arrive so quickly because they had not encountered any Stagonian troops! On the other hand, when the passed through Oberschnorrhof, they learned that a major column of at least three brigades of Stagonian troops had turned south towards Hundsrueck about two days before. This must mean that the Stagonian general has decided to swing south of the great massif east of Tipple-Bruder in order to avoid the easily defended defiles between Dammbach and Hobbach.

Count Trunkenbold quickly orders a detachment of hussars to probe the routes from the south and sends his jaeger units into the hills to look for any evidence of a surprise march over the mountains.
Shortly after dark, the hussars return. The Stagonians are encamped at Eschau, only a few miles away beyond Unteraulenbach! tomorrow, they could be in Tipple-Bruder by noon!

Recalling the jaegers, Trunkenbold delivers the necessary command. Assemble and march! A position must be found on the southern road before dawn!

Soon a great clamor arises as red faced feldwebels luridly muster their raw troops for a night march. At least, they reflect, it won’t be across country but down a well defined road with cavalry guides! The infantry battalions are ordered to follow the Austrian custom of carrying along their chevaux au frise ... there may be no time to improvise any stronger barriers.

With mules braying, caissons creaking, and feldwebels cursing, the motley horde assembles into their units which are led across the bridge and sent lumbering south into the foggy darkness.


Snickering Corpses said...
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Snickering Corpses said...

Pink-clad horse and foot move along in clean ranks, a small pink pennant bearing the blue wolf of Hesse-Engelburg leading the way. Meanwhile, the occasional glimpse of orange facings in the darkness indicates the scattered parties of the von Behler Jagers ranging along the outer edges of the column, keeping watch for stragglers from other formations (pink-clad men don't tend to try sneaking off; it just wouldn't work well) in need of nudging back into line.

Perfectly attired in spite of the late hour, Captain Streicher rides along the line of march in search of the commander of the Wstrasowa to offer his greetings, and perhaps to hear for himself news of their journey. His white stallion gleams in such light as there is, and azure lapels highlight an otherwise dark grey uniform.

Meanwhile, Corporal Sontag moves amongst the men of the Tipplebruder Militia, his red facings fading into view from the midnight black of his uniform as he appears here and there, checking muskets and briefly speaking with each man to stiffen their resolve for the coming fight and remind them of their marksmanship.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Good grief! Are we to have to face Soweiter as well as Stagonia?

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Good catch, Jeff. I overlooked that mistake. Second paragraph, second sentence, Arthur!

Fitz-Badger said...

I noticed that mistaken identification of Soweiter as the enemy in a couple of places. Remember, when the heat of battle is on, Soweiter has sent the Saxe-Urquhart 86th Highlanders to help the alliance and defend Tippelbruder. We don't want any "friendly fire" incidents.
I'll try to post an artist's rendition of their uniforms, using Tipelbruder's own templates, so there shouldn't be any mistakes (although I have not heard of the Stagonians employing any troops in kilts!).

Stagonian Jeff said...

Actually I am seriously thinking of having some "kilty" units as the Stagonian counter to Saxe-Bearstein's Grenzers.

RSM makes some and I'm thinking of getting them . . . after all, the French (whom Stagonia is modeled on) did have Scots units.

-- Jeff of Stagonia

Snickering Corpses said...

Either Arthur or Mike (I think?) of Miercyzlaw is welcome to post a story response to my own first comment there.

Frankfurter said...

Will edit the post ...
I'm still under meds, and I notice on rereading I kept using "Soweiter" instead of Stagonian or Stagonia!

Thankfully, under less meds today and can actually read it!