Thursday, November 29, 2007

The hills are alive ( not to mention the mountinous seas)

Part 1
Du Nord , after a tolerably good night's sleep, finishes his breakfast of porridge with cream. Not what he is used to but reasonable fare. He is asked to leave the table and the fascinating "Proceedings of the Inverness Society Vol 6 " he was reading.
After a stiff climb to the battlements he exits a door out to the frosty,white covered roof. There before him he sees myriad campfires and men huddled in plaids upon the ground. His trained military eye estimates around five or six hundred souls.
Well Sir, what say you to this - they have answered the Fiery Cross, they have come at your beckoning Du Nord. When the sun is fully up you must go out and speak to them ,they await your word..
Du Nord begins to think about what to do or say - there is much to prepare ....
Part 2 The recent naval activity off Scotland and Shetland remains confused and intriguing - it is hoped our gallant Gallian correspondent will enlighten us further


Stagonian Jeff said...


"I love the skirl of bagpipes in the morning. It sounds like . . . victory!"

-- a Stagonian colonel

Der Alte Fritz said...

I detect the fine hand of Perfidious Gallia in all of this.

Bluebear Jeff said...

der alte fritz,

The vile Stagonians have often emulated the uniforms, habits and mores of Gallia . . . so you may well be correct.

Of course it may be that neither imagi-Nation is involved in this escapade . . . but when you find empty snail shells, you know that there are some slugs somewhere.

All one needs to do is to follow the trail of slime.