Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Introducing Another Unit!

Unit Name: Bree's Battery, Royal Regiment Of New Wales Artillery
Date Raised: 10 Aug 1705
Motto: "Saint Barbara Is With Us"!
Unofficial Motto: "Saint Barbara's Vengeance Is Delivered By Us"! and "Beware the 7th"
Nicknames: "Barbara's Boys"
Battle Honours: Ubique (Everywhere)
Brief History: Initially raised as a Militia Artillery Unit in 1701 by a Elder (Clergyman) of the Mormoan Church, named Elder Thomas Rassmussen.
Most of the Gunners came from German (Saxon and Hessian) colonists, and their uniform is distinctly Saxon in appearance.
Read more about this unit here!

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Capt Bill said...

What a wonderful addition to the Beerstein Foreign Legion. Three cheers for King Phillip I.