Monday, April 20, 2009

Battle of Neu Isenberg

The reports from the battle of Neu Isenberg are finally in!

See them at Murdock'S MarauderS.


abdul666 said...

A very enjoyable report for a vivid battle! Thanks for sharing - and for playing one of our famous 'EvE battles by proxy'.

Best regards,

Frankfurter said...

Very nice!
I knew that Frankszonia was going to be in the dirt when I rolled the guards brigade being held back.

Ah well, actually not too bad. And the reputations of the various generals did not suffer from the defeat either!

Good play ... now if only somebody will generate a nice scenario my wife and I can enjoy ...

BTW, hope that Bill sends a quick emissary to stop the nonsense as supposedly St. Maurice and Frankszonia are both Gallian allies ...

Frankfurter said...

Someone agonized over the shattered Delft Blues (Frankfurt in the period turns out to have been one of the better production centers).

Not to panic. I'm sure they'll soon be glued back together again, as the Porcelain Brigade is the pride of the Guilds faction in Frankfurter!

The Guards brigades of infantry and curiassiers are only five miles away to catch the fleeing horde.
Also, Hottatrot can bring up the 2nd battalions of his own regiment and the Black Kilts by forced march.

and I suspect that General Broglie will soon intervene to stop this ruckus!