Sunday, April 26, 2009

After Math, Reeling, Writhing, and Rheumatics?

Murdock's Muraaders did an excellent game and report on the Battle of Neu Isenberg.
Of course, both imagi-nations have excellent forces nearby to renew the conflict, should St. Maurice decide to continue.
But as we're both fairly loyal to the Gallians (Frankfurter perforce, St. Maurice by choice), I'm wondering if Bill Protz doesn't want some excitable Gallian adjundants dashing around and demanding everybody play nice???

However, I just noticed that we don't list a link to Murdock's blog here at EVE ... I'm not sure if that's an oversight, as it is a nice sight ...


PS: Ive finished another couple of regiments of my 15's ... and am able to game a number of different scenarios with my wife's aid (she's also our shutterbug, so when she's down sick, I can't post pretty reports like Murdock's) ... would be glad to haul out the board and cloth and stuff too!

(Yes, my support of "proxy gaming" is not at all altruistic!)


Bluebear Jeff said...


Murdock's blog IS listed here (and has been for ages) . . . but since it is not his EvE site, it is listed in the "Other Blogs of Interest" (currently it is 5 days old).

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Ah, okay, didn't find it when I went hunting ...
then again, I am near sighted!

MurdocK said...

Super stuff Arthur!

It was fun to proxy for you and I am looking out for the changes/actions to come...