Saturday, April 11, 2009

A hellish night in Morea

The last of the revelers had embraced sweet Morpheus. The party had ended several hours ago. Theofilia had kissed good-bye young Basil who left an hour after the party. She had spent some time going over expenses with Anne and Sotiriadis. She then had retired to her bedchambers. Her servants ease her to her nightclothes, while Ahmed the Bektashi sung her a soothing hymn. The day had been long, and the party had not helped. Oh it was a success, but rumors from the absence of the Reich Duke were prelevent. Also Radu had not returned yet. Anafli was searching the city for him. Uh well, not much to do and she shooed everyone out of her bed-chamber. She dimmed the lights and waited for thirty minutes. A light knock and the door opened. The ambassador of Hetzenberg entered in his own nightclothes...........

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Capt Bill said...

It appears Reich Duke Wilhelm was fortunate his Grand Tour had to by pass Morea!

abdul666 said...

An assault against the Palace in Morea, an ambush set against the Morean Heir Apparent... Coincidental?