Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sad tale of a hussar

The hussar panted.

His breathing came heavily. Clam down, calm down he thought.

His black and maroon uniform was dusty and torn, from his flight through the scrubs.

A wetness was expanding on his left thigh. Must stop the bleeding he thought.

He grabbed his saber and used it to cut a strip of cloth from his tunic. He then tied it around his thigh above the bullet wound. He could still walk, so no bone was shattered, but the bleeding was bad. Keep low he thought. Keep low and they won’t find you. Don’t think about what happened, focus on keeping yourself alive...........

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abdul666 said...

A very good tale, if a sad one.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Very nice story and nice work explaining the Morean absence and Carlos entry into Morea.