Thursday, March 12, 2009

Letter To Tradgardland

To his grace the Duke of Tradgardland,


My thanks for your recent suggestion that your nephew, the Lt Tobias Ludwig, be allowed to seek his fortune in the field with the Army of Luftberg. I have the honour of accepting the suggestion, and will eagerly receive the gentleman upon his arrival at my headquarters. I am aware that his appointment here is part of the Elector's desire to have closer relations with your country, and I am glad to do what I can to facilitate this. Obviously, your recommendation and his noble birth are adequate to prove Lt Ludwig's suitability - but may I ask for any details you can send me on his general character, temperament, and experience?

I have the honour to be, etc. etc.

General Felix Von Hentsch
(Commanding, Luftberg Army)


CWT said...

Tradgardmastare - if you have any characteristics in mind, let me know of them. Otherwise, it's not a problem - I'll randomly create the gentleman in question!


tradgardmastare said...

I will send his personality profile asap. By the way do you wish a painted 15mm fig sent- or wwhat other scale?