Monday, March 23, 2009

Naval 'Proxy Battle' Request


Cavenderia requested that someone fight out (or fiction out) a naval battle for which he does not have the proper ships. As far as I can tell, his post was quickly followed by several others and no one took up his request . . . so here is it again:

"Hear ye, Hear ye, Cavenderia is in need of some assistance. It seems that Prinz Geoffrey has managed to have Colonel Jung hire several Venecian Privateers to stage an attempted rescue of the infamous Buccaneer Spyridon Ducas.

Our company of players at the moment do not possess the models to enact this scenario and I am soliciting an impartial member, or partial if pro-cavenderian, of EvE to proxy the encounter.

I can submit details of all of the ships involved if needed. The scenario does not even actually need to be played out if one is willing to write a nice fictional report of the battle. I am leaving for the SYW Convention tomorrow and will not be back until Monday if anyone would like to run this scenario for us that would be great. Leave a post on the Cavenderia blog or contact me via email. I will reply early next week.

thank you for your consideration of this matter

Please go to the Cavenderia blog to leave your replies.

-- Jeff


Capt Bill said...

Let me know your order of battle, I have about 20 ships of the line and a good set of rules for naval actions. Best regards...

trailape said...

I'll happily play out your battle using the EMPIRES: TOTAL WAR naval battles.