Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RNS troops embark for Europe.

After a letter suggesting that the British government may allow Republic troops to be based on the Isle of Guernsey, pending their employment on the continent, the Parliament has made the following decision:

We will send the 6th Brigade, the 4th Dragoons, Kaufling's Battery, three companies of the Jäger and a company of pioneers. They can hire train troops on arrival, if they are needed. For service in England we will send the Dragons d'Cooma. They will be commanded by General-Major Altarsch.

Once again the Republic's troops leave to fight in foreign wars. Or at least the Parliamentary Cabinet hopes!


Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm has been thinking of creating a brigade consisting of four regiments hired from our allies. The hope is an additional brigade would deter potential aggression in uncertain times.

Philo-Junius said...

L'Albion Perfide!

Dal Gavan said...

Ah, Philo-Junius, "Perfidious Albion"? No, Perfidious Australis. :-)