Friday, March 20, 2009

News From The Crooked Kobold

The Duchess heard a commotion on the stairway and the sound of gunshot rang throughout the little town. She pulled a brace of pistols out and leveled them at the entryway. A knock on the door. A voice cried out "open the door!"

She did not reply, hoping that the intruder would think the room to be empty and go away.

Another knock. This time the voice said, "please your Grace, tis I Captain Kreutzer, let me in, you are in great danger."

The Duchess recognized the voice as one belonging to Captain Ewald Kreutzer, one of her loyal retainers. "The door is unlocked, open it yourself."

Just to be sure, she kept the pistols leveled at the door and held her breath as the oaken door creaked open. A smile spread over her face as she realized that indeed, it was Ewald Kreutzer. He had come to rescue her.

The game was fairly fast paced and we had 7 or 8 players, each with different agendas to fulfill. I will post more about the game on Sunday, when I get home from the convention, and post the pix that I took.

Basically, the Sachsen-Vindow loyal nobles managed to reach the Inn first, just inches ahead of the dragoons sent by Duke Peter to kidnap his evil wife. The band of nobles ran into a party of highwaymen on their way to the inn, but the road agents were more concerned with capturing loot (some errant cattle) and so the rescue party continued to the inn without a challenge. The crafty Captain Kreutzer made a pact with the Raubenstadt Frei Husaren to work together. They paid the hussars 10 talers per man to join their party. So they hustled the Duchess out of the inn and made a mad dash to the Stagonian border.

Von Mack of the Raubenstadters was riding alongside the Duchess as they cantored to the border and safety. For a brief moment, he considered the possibility of grabbing her reins and riding off in the other direction, but the thought of payment for helping out helped him remain true to his word.
A company of Stagonian border guards had crossed the border to see what the commotion was in the town. They were informed that the rescue party had the Duchess, so they too joined in rescue of the Duchess and escorted her back to the Stagonian border post.

A party of hunters forgot their mission and engaged the town militia in a firefight, eventually deciding to scamper out of town, what with it suddenly being full of armed men. So the only party that was really making an attempt to capture the Duchess was squadron of Duke Peter's dragoons. they lost a few men in a short fire fight with the Loyal Nobles and retired from the village. That left the Black Legion of Lady de Winter to contest the Duchess' passage to Stagonia.

The Black Legion pursued the ever growing escort of the Duchess, losing quite a few of their band in a firefight with the Stagonian border guards. A certain lady riding a horse had a close call with a bullet, which clipped her coif, causing her riding hat to fall off of her head. She gave a signal to the commander of the Legion to retire, and he did so. Thus the Duchess was safely in the domain of the Vile King Ludwig. What will happen next?


Bluebear Jeff said...

I hope that everyone had fun . . . and that the stress that Der Alte Fritz was feeling evaporated in good gaming.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

So...She made it into Stagonia and is on her way to Ludwig the Unhinged eh?! Von Mack thinks that a cell in the Felsigburg might have been a kinder fate.

Three cheers for Der Alte Fritz and his usual band of suspects! I can't wait to see the photos and the blow by blow.

Fitz-Badger said...

Ah, sounds like we have an intriguing illustrated tale to look forward to :D

Der Alte Fritz said...

I was mortified to see that Milady had put herself in the line of fire and nearly got herself killed by the Stagonian border guards. I had her roll a saving throw of "6" using three D6 dice. She rolled a "7" - egads, that was close.

Bill commanded the Raubenstadters and had a wonderful chance to steal the Duchess from her loyal nobles, but he let it pass. Taking the bribe money instead. They are mercenaries, so I suppose going for the sure money was the right choice.

Milady's Black Legion passed the local brothel, and I had each figure roll a D6 to see if they continued marching or would stop in the brothel for a turn. A roll of "even" meant that they would stop. 8 of the 12 went into the house. Milady is very disappointed in the performance of her Black Legion. Someone shall pay for this. You can be sure of that.

Capt Bill said...

A very lively account indeed! Not really surprising that 8 out of 12lusty lads would tarry, but what to do about it?

abdul666 said...

A lively account of what was for sure a pleasantly chaotic game!

tradgardmastare said...

thanks for keeping us informed and for running the game. I trust all had loads of fun! Enjoy the rest of the event and I await the pictures with interest...
best wishes

Frankfurter said...

Pity, I suspect that the errant duchess could have statisfied the 8 deserters from the Black Legion herself ....