Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Job Opportunity


A gentleman qualified and experienced in the military life to take up a long-term or permanent role with the Luftberg army, with immediate effect.  Candidate should be skilled in commanding a brigade of infantry, fond of the outdoor life, reliable at carrying out tasks in an independent manner, and loyal.  Excellent promotion prospects & health insurance scheme.  GSOH irrelevant.  

Any gentleman adventurer of sufficient breeding, willing to put his fortunes to the test, can apply for consideration to General Felix Von Hentsch (currently on campaign in Spitzplatz) at http://konigundkaiser.blogspot.com/

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tradgardmastare said...

The Duke of Tradgardland's great- nephew would be delighted to be considered. He is brave ,educated in the art of war and available for service. His name is Lt Tobias Ludwig. He is an accomplished flautist and comes from a long line of pork butchers. You see a man for all seasons...