Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Duchess Game

OK guys, I'm starting to get a lot of angst over running this game and a part of me doesn't want to do it at all. It is difficult keeping track of all of the parties and I am definitely NOT going to paint up extra miniatures for this game. So I will have to shoehorn in the various parties to match up with the figures that I have available for this skirmish game. To the best of my ability, I'd like anyone having cavalry figures to also have dismounted versions of the same so that they can dismount an enter buildings. Otherwise, most of the figures may have to be on foot.

Here is what I have:

[1] von kliest horse grenadiers and 12 dismounts

[2] Black hussars and 12 dismounts

[3] another group of Black hussars and 12 dismounts

[4] Lady de Winter's foot guards - the Black Legion

[5] Lady de Winter's Irregulars (Pirates) could be "smugglers"

[6] an endless supply of Croats (3 units of 24 figures, but I'm only using 12 figure units)

[7] von Kliest Green Croats

[8] Jagers

[9] various Prussian infantry could be used for the Stagonian border guards

[10] endless number of hussars and dragoons, but no dismounts are available for these

[11] Randy or Bill might allow me to borrow some of their Chasseurs de Fischer with dismounts.

I could see having 6 to 8 players in the game, each with about 12 - 16 figures each as this is the optimal number of figures to use in Woodland Wars (Croat Terror). Perhaps since this is Alan's baby, he can decide on which factions to portray in the game. The game judge will probably control the movement and decisions of the Duchess, whose goal is to make it safely to the Stagonian border or at least to hook up with some "friendly parties" who can help her.

My aim is to keep it simple. Any suggestions or helpful ideas will be appreciated.

Oh, and I have to get a bunch of British figures ready for our regular BAR game at the convention. So I'm a bit overwhelmed right now.


Prinz Geoffrey said...


I will have the duchess painted up for you. I can make any labels you might need for the game at work for the factions. Put everyone on foot for conveniance and ease of play. I will try and generate a random event table and a duchess reaction table for you and send them by tuesday if you would like. Send me your email and I will start forwarding stuff for your review ASAP. jeffreycavender at gmail dot com. Gaming should never have angst attached.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Thanks Jeff. I will contact you later this evening.

l'Comte de Artois said...


You are welcome to use my Fischer Dragoons (With Dismounts) and also my Austrian Hussars (I have 18 Dismounts).


Frankfurter said...

Take lots of pictures!
The ice storm ate up all my travel money ... so it will be three months before I can dream of getting to a real game now (moan, groan, and same old, same old).
But I love the concept, the development, and with Alte Fritz running it, should be a good game ... go for the laughs!!

Martin said...

Hey Alte,

We do this hobby to relax and maybe have a good laugh - not to stress out. (God knows we get enough of that from "Real Life"!)

When this whole Duchess situation came bubbling up from a lot of people's imaginations, I was grateful that you volunteered to game it out and fill us in on the results. It will be interesting to see how the carefully laid plans of the various factions collide and interact with one another, resulting in much confusion and hilarity.

I agree with Arthur. Go for the laughs and have some fun with it.

Bluebear Jeff said...

We in Saxe-Bearstein would prefer that all of the Stagonian uniforms have great big targets painted on them . . . but since them would add to your stress, we'll have to forgo that.

Still, it would not distress us at all if the vile ones were the butt of many jokes and failed miserably.

By all means, do relax and play it for fun . . . if the game system you're using has "random event cards", write up some things that will get some laughs.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
(hereditary enemies of Stagonia)

tradgardmastare said...

Jeff said-
By all means, do relax and play it for fun . . . if the game system you're using has "random event cards", write up some things that will get some laughs.
That suits me very much. I do not wish this to a pain/hassle for anyone. It seemed to be a good idea at the time and all I wish is that it provides an evening's distraction/fun for those involved..
Go for it! best wishes Alan

tradgardmastare said...

Jim and fellow participants
I feel that the sides should be decided by what is available and what those participating wish. I have no desire to lay down the law to anyone!
I will delighted with whatever occurs and to see photos of the fun,figures,Inn sign and the Duchess herself!
Have a good meeting and Tradgardland is with you in spirit if not in the flesh!
best wishes

MurdocK said...

Whilst it may be hard to do/find, may I recommend that a lady be found to 'make' the decisions of the Dutchess?

Women's intuition cannot be discounted in such a situation.

She may be a spouse of someone in the game or simply an 'interested' party, either way the feminine presence will change much of the 'aspect' of the game ~ raise the bar!

[wink - wink]