Saturday, February 7, 2009

Your Majesties, Royal Highnesses, Excellencies, Graces and Gentlemen,

After much consideration I have been directed by the Parliament of the Republic of Neues Sudland to inform you that the Republic has, in order to better confer with their counterparts in this world, ordered a blog to be developed. Said blog may be found at .

The archives of the Republic will be deposited here as time permits. These archives have been expanded to show the history of the army and navy so that potential employers may understand the worth of the troops they may consider hiring.

Advice, corrections and felicitations will be warmly received.

I remain your humble servant,

Padraig O'Gabhain

Minister for War and Ambassador at Large.


David said...

Welcome to EvE Blogland! :-)

Your website is nicely presented (naturally, I really like all the coloured templates! ;-)) but it is good that you've joined the EvE "mainstream", as it were, as it's so much easier to keep track of and follow people's activities.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I've long enjoyed your website but seriously regretted that there was no way to contact you or to leave comments.

Thankfully that is now rectified . . . and I too welcome you to the world of 18th century blogging.

I have added your blog to the list of "Our Imagi-Nations".

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Welcome to 'our' format!
Easier to dialog(ue), and to keep track of updates and addition, I have to agree (provided the blogger follows the 'normal' rules, which, it's true, I don't!).


Capt Bill said...

Greetings and felicitations from the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. Reich Duke Wilhelm has admired your army for some time. Best regards...Bill

Konstantinos Travlos said...