Monday, February 16, 2009

"Dearest Margaretta"

A letter has arrived for Duchess Margaretta of van Demons Land:

"Dearest Margaretta
I write to you to express my concerns pertaining to the recent coronation of Phillip. As you are aware I’ve never been overly fond of Phillip, and for good reason. He has never shown me the respect that I deserve as one of the wives of his Father, King Michael. The truth of the matter is he’s been down right disrespectful of me. But that is of little concern.

Of much greater concern is his mental instability. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is aware his erratic behavior. Your Peter on the other hand is a much better choice as rightful King. He is the eldest after all.

As for your religious views; what concerns are they really? Is not our God the One uniting God? Besides, I’m sure such a powerful man such as Peter could not be unduly influence by such a dainty lady as yourself anyway,......."

Something foul is afoot? See the complete letter at my Blog

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