Monday, February 23, 2009

Venice- an out of character posting


May I crave your indulgence for a minute? Good! Time is finite so I do not follow all the blogs as often as I should or would like - sorry ! I, for some time ,have wondered if I might do something of a Blog connected with Venice. I thought I ought to mention it here as someone might already be doing one!! No offence intended if you are and I will most happily step down...

many thanks



Herzog Ignaz said...

Please do start one!

I have been making casual references to the machinations of the "Venerians" for some time, but it would be better to have an actual blogger to play off, especially in view of the significance the Adriatic has lately acquired.

AND, Mardi Gras is tomorrow! What better omen? Bauta masks for everyone!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Yes, the imperium liberated your Dalmatian possesions and created Cavenderia from them, you would fit in nicely with our Adriatic Campaign: Cavenderia, Deylicate of Bizerrca and Morea

trailape said...

Crack on!

Capt Bill said...

Österreich Über Alles would be a great platform for Venice to make its debut.

Bluebear Jeff said...


I don't recall anyone doing Venice either for real or with a substitute name.

Go for it.

-- Jeff

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Venice has fought on the side and against Morea. It is still an important naval power in the Adriatic and with things heating up, it may play a decisive role.

I would love to see Venice around! Maybe the Venetians could try to retake Crete. Or take Corfu back from Morea.

littlejohn said...

another naval power would be most interesting!

Anonymous said...

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