Friday, February 20, 2009

Pixies, uh, Proxies requested ....

The situation between the Kingdom of St. Maurice and Frankszonia has degenerated into a place where some sort of military encounter is inevitable (we hope).
Of course, this would require resolution by some putatively neutral gamers as I doubt that he and I will ever meet face to face in this world (one of the painful aspects of the net is you encounter folks you wonder how nice it would be to have them actually near by).
This should not be a large action.
I figure that Frankszonia will have a regiment or two of Hussars and a regiment of Curiassiers present along with a brigade of infantry (at least one militia battalion) and a battalion of jaegers along with a modest handful of artillery.
I doubt that Maurice would have much more than that. But we will see.
The terrain is wooded hills interspersed with farmsteads along a major road smack through the middle of it all.
Any takers?


MurdocK said...

How soon will you need the game to be played out?

My table effects are 'on loan' for a convention event on Feb 28//Mar 1 and I will likely need another week to collect them back.

I certainly have all the forces you mentioned, in tricornes, one force in blue (mostly Prussian looking) and the other in white (mostly Austrian). The horse will be a mixed bag, though with Hussars that is ok generally.

I can also do up your unit flags accurately.

A good Order of Battle for both sides should be settled upon by both players, even if you are looking at setting up a more or less 'meeting engagment' 1:1.

Once that is settled then the troops can get their flags and the table can swing into action.

East Riding Militia said...

Should Murdock, for whatever reason, be unable to host the game for you then I would be happy to step in.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

If either of the above gentlemen can not for any reason supply the game. I could do it with paper figs designed to look like your troops. I do not have enough minis as of yet.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Oh, and I would do up a lovely battle report complete with pics and such, This offer is standard for anyone who needs a proxy game.


Frankfurter said...

Excellent, Excellent!

Now to wait till the Kingdom of St. Maurice responds ... btw, I believe his forces are uniformed either as Reichsarmee or French ... but white coats is white coats, no?

Believe it or not, I've not settled on the Colonel's flags yet, as I began my imagi-nation with flags based on beer brand labels developed by Otto over on the Society of Daisy.
He'd meant them for another guy whose imagi-nation was also based in Frankfurt Am Main. I have officially relinquished them to Beerstein, I think, and am developing variants based on my Frankszonian flag ... which is somewhere buried in my blog!