Sunday, February 1, 2009

Regt Andlau Marches off to War

Regiment Andlau of the Imperium Army marches off to the rendezvous point near Lobositz.

Marshal von Browne is concentrating his scattered forces near the town of Lobositz, in northern Bohemia to fend off a reported Germanian invasion of Bohemia. The Marshall was much pleased to discover that reinforcements were heading his way. First and foremost of these is the newly created Andlau Regiment (Minden Miniatures) as well as 2 squadrons of the Esterhazy Hussars and 1 squadron of the DeVille Cuirassiers (as previously reported on another blog).

With these reinforcements, von Brown expects to field an army of 12 line battalions of infantry, including two converged grenadier battalions, plus one battalion of converged Croats. The cavalry component will include 9 squadrons of cuirassiers, 4 squadrons of dragoons, 3 squadrons of elite horse grenadiers, and 4 squadrons of hussars. In addition, 9 squadrons of Saxon light dragoons may also be available at Lobositz.

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ColCampbell50 said...

A fine looking regiment!