Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frigid Frankszonia

With all military maneuvers frozen by the worst ice storm in memory, the Hurtshog suffers anxiously over the fate of isolated farmsteads in the Stadt Wald. Col. Brattman, his emissary reported that he was physically abused, though l'Comte d'Beauphaup insists that it was actually an honorable gift. Furthermore, the Maurician claim that the raiders were really a few zombies is insultingly ludricous.

Reports of counter movements in the Kingdom of St. Maurice seem to indicate that their king is far less concerned with controlling these mythical zombies than with trying to escape his responsibilities!

With his staff, the Hurtshog considers the map ... which routes must be cleared of the rubble of fallen trees and repaired so that reinforcements can hurry south as the weather clears? What will the hussars find when they pursue these raiders across the border?


Frankfurter said...

Now, should I run a game of Hussars vs. zombies first or just let the two armies build up and clash?
And ...
Are there any volunteers to resolve the impending, unfortunate, misunderstanding?
PS: recovery from the ice storm may cost me the resources for the SYW Association meeting in March ... sometimes, I feel half cursed on getting to a convention these days! LOL

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Kill all of the zombies first, we can have the undead spreading into other imagi-nations, transylvania is a little to close to the Cavenderian border. Hopefully you will come into some money to attend the meeting. I will buy you a soda and some snacks if that would help :)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Just a reminder . . . the fate of the Duchess seeking Koenig Ludwig is supposed to be played out at the SYWA Convention . . . is anyone preparing?

-- Jeff

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Still painting up the Duchess, I believe DAF is running the game and will probably start working on it after this next convention.

justMike said...

When asked to comment on this "escaping his responsibilities" thing, Louis-Philippe said simply, "C'est la vie. It's good to be the king!" His Majesty has also dispatched the remainder of the lancers as well as 2nd battalion Clare to the region to assist the zombies in their migration back to their germanic homeland. It's gonna be fun!


Frankfurter said...

Come to think of it,
we have to resolve the actual military battle first ... if the Frankfurters find out that it really was zombies ... there'd be a bit of underdone Wieners set out to roast.

Okay, time to call for volunteers ... I anticipate a couple of cavalry regiments, a brigade of infantry, and of course a few jaegers or such on each side ...

Meanwhile, I need to get back to my paints ... but that has to wait a week yet!