Monday, February 23, 2009

Cavenderian Casualty

The first military casualty of the Bizerrcan/Cavenderian conflict has been reported by Colonel Jalsevic to the royal court.
The Colonel's regiment (IR-Die Dame's FuB) is in charge of security during Prinz Geoffrey's upcoming visit to Twinj, during preparations the good colonel has had companies of the regiment patrolling the Prinz's proposed route. During a routine march near the village of Zigvoz a Private named Culig left the company of his fellow soldiers to answer nature's call and was found later that day dead, with an arrow in his back. The company searched the coastline for the murderer but to no avail. Upon entering Zigvoz the captain of the company was informed that a red-sailed ship had been seen on the horizon that morning, the villagers fled and upon returning found much of their livestock gone. The captain therefore deduced that Private Culig must have encountered some of the Dey's Bashi advance foraging parties. In response Colonel Jalsevic has requested a squadron of Hussars be dispatched along the coast under his command.
See pics of the colonel and an additional pic of the death of Private Culig at


ColCampbell50 said...

Nice action shot (pun not originally intended).


trailape said...

I wonder how the poor henchman's (I mean "Privates") family will cope with the news,...