Saturday, February 7, 2009

Battle of Lobositz - Feb. 8, 2009

Croats defend the Lobosch Hill at the battle of Lobositz. Prussian IR13 Itzenplitz attempts to take the hill.

Prussian 12 pound battery atop the Homolka Mound support the CR10 Gendarmes and the rest of the Prussian cavalry in the center of the field.

Monsieur Chevert (Protz), Graf Frye (Randy) and Der Alte Fritz (moi, certainment) staged a refight of the battle of Lobositz today at the Little Wars Convention in the Chicago area. We used Charles S. Grant's Lobositz scenario from the Wargame Companion as our scenario guide, although we increased the overall size of the cavalry and retained the 10 btns per side that Charles recommends. I have to say that Charles has it right with regard to using only 4 cavalry regiments per side. That would have speeded up the game considerably, but nevertheless, we had a grand time with some mega cavalry melees.

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Be sure to click on all of the pictures to enlarge the view. Also, feel free to leave any comments on the blog site. I will post a similar, though shorter, battle report on the Campaigns in Germania blog tomorrow afternoon, USA central standard time.


Konstantinos Travlos said...

This looks awesome. Wish I was there. Did it attract a lot of people?

Der Alte Fritz said...

We had a lot of on lookers throughout the day and the level of interest from passers by seemed fairly high, judging from all the questions that were asked of me about the rules, the figures and the terrain.

Dal Gavan said...

Jim, that is an awesome looking game, in the true sense of the word. The cavalry scrum looked like a lot of fun.

As Konstantinos said, I wish I'd been there.

littlejohn said...

I almost jumped into the car and made the trip but wife and kids trumped gaming this weekend...I would have been a bit of a drive but seeing that game would be worth it.

Gallia said...

Regarding Lobositz:

There are additional photos and a little more commentary now at the Campaigns In Germania blog. See the link to the lower right.

Vielen glück meinen freunden,