Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Party in Morea

The party had started an hour ago. The revelers were already in a tipsy mood. Some were in the grand ball room, listening and dancing to renditions of the latest musical fashions from Paris and Vienna. Others, where enjoying games of chance, conversations, hookahs, or tobacco in the anteroom. Still others were in the Anatolian room, listening to Greek or Anatolian music, or watching the belly dancers. There were men and women, dressed in their best. Greek and Turkish fashions mixed with the latest Milanese and Parisian dress. Conversations were in French, German, Greek, Albanian, and Turkish. All were lively. The Princess was well known for her revelries. In an hour acrobats, Bear-handlers, and wrestlers would flood the Great Ball room. The night would be long, but energetic...............

For the revelries please go to http://phdleadhead.blogspot.com/

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