Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grand Mappe Version 7


After much examination and puzzling, I have worked out a mappe that covers most of the Imagi-nations here.

I admit that a number of new names have arrived since the last incarnation of this mappe, and that some have not yet *placed* themselves in the grand scheme of things.

Please note that this map is a large file...


Capt Bill said...

Murdock, Did you use the bubble map to help develop the Grand Mappe #7...Bill

Herzog Ignaz said...

Really nice work. Thanks for taking the trouble to plot all this out.

For the record, Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn and Waldreck would both be located in the same space as Cologne. Bizercca is in the same space as Tunis.

Martin said...

Hi Murdock,

Oh My God! Raubenstadt (located at the confluence of the Neckar and Rhine Rivers) is close to having a communal border with (gasp) Stagonia! And if that wasn't enough, Frankzonia is just across the river! More bromide powder for the Markgraaf!



tradgardmastare said...

wonderful work , we are most indebted to you and your hard work.
best wishes

tidders said...

Brilliant stuff; super map.

-- Allan

MurdocK said...

Capt Bill,

I designed the early bubble map, but not the 'colored bubbles' used on who's who.

My main support was Grand Mappe 6, which is an update to Grand Mappe 5.

For herzog ignaz and others with small or 'city' states in the 'imperial territories', I am planning on doing a large scale mappe of the 'imperial' holdings likely to encompass the region from the English Channel to the Mediterranean and from the Gallian (French) border to Mieczyslaw (Poland).

It was always my thought that better story lines and more cross-communication comes from having this visual reference to our respective locations.

For anyone I have misplaced, please send me an email (via my account here at blogspot, if you clik my face to the right of this post you will be taken to my info page and the email link is there) and correct my mistake, your correct location will appear in the next revision (how soon that will be there is no telling...).


Frankfurter said...

Love your dedication to the cause!

Frankfurter said...

Ah well, and Frankszonia has fair sized bridgehead across the Main ... about 15 miles deep and wide ...

I was looking for Hesse Hamburg and Hesse Fedora too ...

My goodness, powerful Raubenstadt intimitade by an Imperial City occupied by a couple of corps of Gallians?

We're harmless, I assure you ...

would you like to try some of our discount sausages?


Frankfurter said...

Supposedly, there has been a reply from Raubenstadt to Frankszonia ...
even though it doesn't seem to appear here (maybe I went to the wrong blog?).

But in response to what I received: Definitely!
As a mercantile state herself, Frankszonia is very understanding of the search for trade. Of course, we'd be glad to trade for your bumper crop of cabages and would cheerfully include your barrels of sauerkraut in our own marketing package ... it goes so well with Frankfurters!!!

the Hurtshog

Byrhthelm said...


Great work, great map, many thanks.

However... Margraf Albrecht is concerned that his much-loved northern kreise seem to have disappeared from his territory, and has asked me to forward his compliments and direct your attention to his own map of his own little corner of the world at

(He needs the peninsula for his planned, much needed (and (much needed) income-generating) canal).

Herzog Ignaz said...

Only three men ever really understood the Schleswig isthmus problem: one of them is dead; the other was a professor at the University of Achselfraktur, who has since gone insane; and the third was His Grace the Duke of Tradgardland, who has forgotten all about it.