Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grand Mappe 7 addenda


For those whom have sent their corrections, I shall be working on an update, eventually.

For those whom have commented about the detail level, I can send you a copy of the map file in Photoshop 7 format or bitmap. I decided to post the version (see post below) that I used here as a .jpg so that it was not too large for the blogger system to accept.

Simply drop me a line (via the email system in blogger) and I will forward the copy style you request.

1 comment:

Frankfurter said...

real apologies, but I've yet to figure out the email system of blogspot (sigh)
anyway, ahawk@centurytel.net
guess I could use a bitmatp, even though it'll clog the works here for a day or two until the system runs long enough to digest it in one run!