Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Council of War

Having sailed across the Mediterranean undetected, Admiral Hopstadt’s squadron finally arrived in the area of operations laid out in the Empress’s secret order. It was now time to share the details of his mission with his captains. Summoning his flag signalman, the admiral ordered him to hoist a message for the captains to dine aboard the flag ship and to prepare for a Council of War!


Allen M. said...

Good Day,
I would be pleased to call your attention to the port of Piran, immediately adjacent to Trieste, belonging to the Duchy of Lagerburg. His Excellency Albrecht extends his hospitality and assistance to any Imperial vessels in need of repair, refit and victualling. A detailed map/chart of the area is enclosed for your edification and perusal:
His Excellency is amenable to any further correspondence you might care to submit.
Warmest Regards,
Graf August von Grunt
Chief of Staff

Capt Bill said...

Graf August von Grunt,
The Reich Duke has visited your domain often and has been inspired. As Austrian allies we should exchange ambassadors. Your kind offer to use the port of Piran will be relayed to our squadron upon their return. Your sovereign has been invested into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. By the way, love your crest!
Best Regards,
Wilhelm von Beerstein