Saturday, August 2, 2008

Extract from der Schloss-Neuhaus Allgemeine Zeitung

A Divine Service has been ordained in order to acknowledge and Give Thanks for the protection afforded to our Sovereign Lord, His Highness Margraf Albrecht von Schwerin, by Almighty God on the occasion when the hand of a madman directed an Infernal Device at His Highness' Carriage. The Service is to take place at the Kirche von Sankt Marthinus at Eleven of the Clock ante meridian on the 17th day of this month of Marz in this Year of Grace One Thousand Seven Hundred and One.

The Service will be conducted by the Reverend Elder Domini Paulus Zimmerman and will include prayers in Memoriam in respect of those Gallant Heroes of His Highness' Army who lost their lives in the defence of his person on that tragic occasion, and for the swift recovery of those injured in that most heinous attack.

The Margraf will attend this Service in Person. He is to be accompanied by Her Highness, The Margrafin Katerina and his household. Other prominent personalities expected to be in attendance include the Generals of His Highness' Army and the ambassadors of Tradgardland, Hannunter and Saxe-Beerstein, together with the military attache of His Britannic Majesty.

God Save the Margraf!

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