Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Worst Fears Confirmed

"Tap tap, roll, tap tap, roll."

The boatswain's mate beat out the call to action stations, and the ship was immediately swarming with activity. Having already cleared the weatherdeck and gundeck, the off-watch crews moved immediately to their battle positions. The gun crews quickly made ready to run out the guns, and some of the crew on the port side anticipated the order to open gunports, permitting themselves a view of the threat before them.

The crew of the chebec evidently observed the action, because it tacked back to port, returning to the same heading as the Pharaon, and ran down its obsolete Scandalusian ensign. After a moment, the confirmation of imminent action was received, as the mysterious vessel ran up the blood red banner of the buccaneer threatening no quarter to any resistance.

Action commenced at 1530 hours, 10 August 1758, at a distance of one-half league; wind southerly at 10-15 knots.

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