Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friends reunited

It is three days since Von Bergmann returned to Scotland . Thanks to the intervention and medical skill of his Gallian hosts he has recovered almost completely.

Accompanied by his friend the Duc de Padirac , Vonn Bergmann has made a trip into the hinterland of Edinburgh. The brave duo have wandered to the village of Corstorphine and sit under the autumnal sunshine beside a small church.

The Duc listens as Von Bergman outlines his plans for a survey of ancient ecclesiastical buildings in the vicinity. He hopes to also draw them and publish his efforts in portfolio form accompanied by extensive notes...

After a fine lunch in the graveyard of Corstorphine Church talk moves towards Jacobite plans and the two friends wonder when they will next lead Tradgardlanders, highlanders and others into battle .

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