Tuesday, August 19, 2008

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein hosts farewell dinner for our heroes

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm gratefully accepts the toast of his Generals. Maj Gen Reich Graf Adolph von Coors Baron von Blatzberg from the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein, Maj Gen Reich Graf Lothar Blutundedonner Baron von Alesgarden from the Elector of Hunnunter, Generaloffizer Reich Graf Picklemany of Frankszonia, and Gen Reich Graf Mackay of the Duchy of Tradgardland were the guests of honor at this farewell dinner. All of Beerstein rejoices in the triumph of these heroes and wishes them well on their journeys home. Wihlhelm asked each General to express his deepest appreciation and affection to their sovereign for sending such distinguished officers to aid the Reich Duchy of Beerstein in our hour of need!


Bluebear Jeff said...

A courier from the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein arrives during the dinner.

Furst Bruno von Ursa has chosen to allow Maj. Gen. von Coors the option of remaining in the Reich Duchy of Beerstein for a few more months since there does not seem to be any pending action for the time being.

Indeed there are rumors that Koenig Maurice the Vile of Stagonia has barely survived an assassination attempt by a relative . . . this is unconfirmed but may account for the silence and lack of activity from that vile kingdom.

So the newly named Baron von Blatzberg (if it is convenient for Reich Duke Wilhelm) may continue to serve the friends of the Principality.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
(for Furst Bruno von Ursa)

Capt Bill said...

Furst Bruno von Ursa
Dear Cousin,
It is with great pleasure that Maj Gen von Coors has decided to stay with us a little longer. Just after the announcement of the farewell dinner, the Beerstein Reichstadt approved sending military aid to the Rheinstadt der Luftberg. With the departure of Gen Reich Graf James Louis von Beerstein and Gen Ludwig third Baron of Brewswick our army is indeed lucky to retain the service of Baron von Blatzberg.
Best regards...Wilhelm

Frankfurter said...

Reich Graf Picklemany sends a new rose bush to the Princes Linda. An envelope is attached. It contains a pressed rose, and the note says (loosely translated):

Beautiful Maiden:

My heart is crushed like this rose that I must return to my familial duties with the Hurtzhog v. Frankfurter ...
((more in a similar vein, the note ends ))
May the fresh blooms of your youth outlast the blossoms of this twig by many years.

Your Faithful Knight ...

Capt Bill said...

Reich Graf Picklemany

The Reich Duchess was touched by your lovely sentiment. She wishes you a safe return to Frankszonia. She hopes you will visit our domain often!

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm