Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Thin Blue Line ;)

News have started arriving from the battle recently held at the Galatan/Catalan town of Ponts, half-way between Balaguer city and Cardona fortress. According to my Imagi-Nation's chronology, the battle has been fought on 17th August 1713. On that day, a Two Crowns column lead by General Bracamonte consisting of 4 French, Spanish and Swiss Infantry battalions, 2 Dragoons regiments, 1 Mountain Fusiliers battalion and a field battery met on the Segre River bed the army of Marquis de Poal; who was in command of 2 Catalan Infantry battalions, 1 Dragoons regiment, 1 Sometent peasant militia and 2 batteries (heavy & light).

The 'real' battle was gamed at home last wednesday with 15mm miniatures on a reduced size board (120 x 90 cm), following Close Fire & European Order (CFEO), and it was a quite funny experience. So far, I've only had time to post a narrative chronicle of the event, protagonized by a courier and General Manuel Desvalls, commander of Cardona fortress and brother to Marquis de Poal. As soon as I know how to upload pictures from my dam...d mobile phone to my PC, a new gaming chronicle will be posted.

If curious about the battle narration, you can read a first report here:

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A J said...

Delightful figures, sir. It just goes to show what's possible in that scale.