Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Convoy in the Balearic Sea

Port Mahon (Minorca), 18th August 1713

A scouting English xebec has reported a small convoy sailing off from Barcelona harbour, apparently heading to Majorca island. The convoy consisted of two Catalan/Galatan war brigantines (one of which flying a privateer flag) which were apparently escorting a civilian lesser ships fleet, along with a medium sized armed frigate flying Maltese flag. No aggressive manoeuvre has been detected after mutual spotting, so that the xebec has judged it appropriate to exchange an ensign salute with them and keep on her own track.

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abdul666 said...

Wish them all a fair weather and safe journey -the Malta flag should be a good insurance against hostile approaches.

A J said...

Very smart vessels. A fair wind to them.