Thursday, December 2, 2010

100 Club Minuetters

Following a discussion on the TMP 18th Century page, I asked Eureka Miniatures about the possibility of adding some people doing the Minuet to their 18th Century figures, this is the response:

"Thank you for your suggestion and it has been added to the web site as 18C
Minuet Dancers, 100CLUBHM9"
So, if anyone wants to add dance to the Eureka String Quartet et al's music, please register your interest
(Self Interest Declaration - I have a French 7YW army, which was apparently (in)famous for officers deserying their posts to dance the Minuet, so in my baggage elements I plan to not only have the Eureka Quartet, but some dancers too)
I am assuming you all have your browsers pre-set to Eureka, but if not they are over here:

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