Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gallian Entourage Arrives At Frankfurt Am Main, Frankzonia, Germania

Frankfurt Am Main has been a Gallian magazine since 1755 (2005) under the control of l'Intendant, l'Comte de Bastille. Occasionally there have been festive occasions hosted by Der Hurtzhog Artur von Frankzonia. In anticipation of another, our familiar Lady Diana Pettygree and friends have arrived again - as - the winter - approaches.

Approaching The Water Gate on 2 December 1760 (2010).

Lady Diana Pettygree (blue), her particular friend Lady Cherish Masquerade (pink),  Maid Katherine and last Lady Belle Silhouette (busby) pass through the gate into the cheerful bright sunshine. What a life!
All this in anticipation of our annual Light Troop Game scheduled for 4 December 2010. The plan is to take many photos. Some of you will have seen the entourage bringing up the rear of The Legion de Fischer on The Campaigns In Germania Blog recently. See:
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abdul666 said...

Marvelous vignettes as usual, and a cast of charming characters familiar with intriguing meetings (As the curse says 'May you live in interesting times').
Hope that facing the foretold (black?) winter storm, none of them will know the fate of the girl with april in her eyes.

A J said...

A delightful vignette, indeed.