Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eye-candy of diverse flavors

Two spectacular reports of recent battles in the New World, one in the Northern Colonies, the other in the Caribbean.

Those curious about the good Baron Munchausen's improvements on the war engines depicted in the Da Vinci Code and the experimental weapons designed by that young Colonial Benjamin Franklin to use the power of the thunderflash of lightning, should subscribe to that Gazette entitled 'Gaslightrules Group' (it's free) to peruse and enjoy the two portfolios of fascinating and inspirational illustrations entitled 'Age of Reason' and 'Ben Franklin's War'.

At last, those interested in the esotericism and the supernatural would enjoy the well illustrated report of an adventure filled with weird encounters that took place in far away Pangaea.


tradgardmastare said...

Jean Louis
great minds think alike they say...
I had been about to post re the Ben franklin game myself!
Loved the werewolf game too -fantastic!
best wishes

Bluebear Jeff said...

The images from the Yorktown display are amazing. Thank you, sir.

-- Jeff