Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Empress asks the Marquis of Vilana to sent a brigade to Sicily to support the Reich Duke's campaign

Empress Maria Theresa has summoned the Marquis of Vilana to Schonbrunn Palace to seek military assistance from the Defiant Principality of Galatan/Catalan for her campaign in Sicily. News from the island is not good. The Reich Duke of Beerstein was repulsed with heavy casualties in his first encounter with King Joseph. Reinforcements of an infantry brigade could stabilize the situation. As the Empress is bogged down with the Turks, she is unable to sent any Austrian troops. The Marquis of Vilana may be her only hope!


Soldadets said...

The Galatan/Catalan Ambassador has already sent urgent word to Palace in Barcelona. As soon as Her Imperial Majesty's request has been received, Parliament of the Principality has been summoned for debating and taking a convenient decision. News expected soon.

(Well, it's pretty nice to suppose in advance that we've finally prevailed in our 1713 campaign -if not, we hardly "would be there" some decades later to give back the aid...)

I. M. Salos said...

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abdul666 said...

While by definition and centuries-old practice Monte-Cristo is perfectly non-aligned and neutral, in this conflict between the Empire and the Free Kingdom of Silicy as in any other, we sincerely WISH that by this time there is an independent Galatea to reply (note that being unprejudiced we don't use the word 'answer') to the Empress.
Otherwise, being by nature as humanitarian as peaceful, the Presipality would have offered asylum and a decent job to as many poor Galatan refugees as it could cater for.

(Amazing how Time is as elastic as Space in our 'EvE' avatar of the Multiverse: Galatea currently 'lives' in 1713, Monte-Cristo before the end of the WAS, most countries during the SYW and Stollen sometimes after its conclusion!)

Soldadets said...