Wednesday, December 15, 2010

His Emminence The Elector Spiritual,

His Emminence The Elector Spiritual, The Prince-Archbishop of Witzboldfeld, Johan-Louis von Christofberg, Primate of all the German People of the Reich, and some of the habitues  of, and visitors to, his most colourful of courts, seen at the ceremonial consecration of the new colours of the Elector's Guard Grenadiers, so sadly and recently lost at the Battle of Grosser Feuerbach.
The Elector Spiritual and some of his  friends
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abdul666 said...

His sojourn in Monte-Cristo deeply changed the mood of the Elector Spiritual, as is obvious from the 'revitalized' atmosphere of his Court (now 'the most enjoyable court in Pangaea!!' -and you are still to discover 'the mysterious all female company under the command of Hauptfrauen Anias Nin and Major Lolita von Sapho'! ) and the political changes he imposed in Witzboldfeld.

Great artistic rendition of this character and his entourage - the Cardinal compliments and blesses the talented painter.

abdul666 said...

It is instructive to compare this contemporary portrait of His Eminence the Elector Spiritual, Cardinal Johan-Louis von Hausseinem in Christofberg, with the one done as Feudal Suveraen Fuerste-Erzbischof des Witzboldfeld, just before his departure to far away Monte-Cristo.

Capt Bill said...

Where did you find the cardinal figure?

Conrad Hawkwood said... for "pope" still in production